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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

~~Whether you've been dating for what seems like forever or are just graduating from occasional hookups to something more, planning a unique, genuinely fun date can be a challenge. And, since outside activities are hard to do right now with the cold upon us, it's easy to fall into the dinner-and-a-movie rut. Well, snap out of it! Your lover deserves better, and so do you.

Just call us Cupid, because we're here to help you concoct the perfect itinerary, no matter if you're keeping things low-key for now or ready to shout your feelings from the mountaintops.

Winterize Your PicnicPicnicking isn't strictly a springtime activity. Lay out a plush blanket (bonus if it's in front of a fireplace) and pack a basket full of cold-weather goodies like mac and cheese and apple pie to cozy it up inside.

Make Grown-Up Hot Chocolate

A normal mug of hot cocoa's good, but a mug spiked with bourbon is even better. We like the idea of putting out cookie dough bites, white chocolate chips, marshmallows and other wintry treats so you can both top it the way you like it.

Do a MarathonSure, you could totally run 26.2 miles together—but it's so cold outside. Choose a themed movie marathon instead, like winter-set thrillers (The Shining, Misery) or cold weather heart-warmers (March of the Penguins, Groundhog Day). Then it's just a matter of getting snuggled up beneath lots of blankets.

Crack a BookIntroduce each other to your literary loves by curling up on the couch with the same book. When you each reach the end of a chapter, talk about what you think's going to happen. Spoiler alert: Seeing each other's brainy side will be quite an aphrodisiac.

Break the IceHead to your local ice rink to test your skating skills. No matter your level, you should totally hold on to each other for "support."

Cook Something AwesomeA dinner that's rich and satisfying is a must on a cold winter night. A bonus if it's impressive-looking. This 15-minute risotto covers all those bases. The secret? A pressure cooker, which makes it possible to put this together in minimum time.

UnplugGet the right kind of cabin fever and book a weekend getaway, sans Wi-Fi (hot tub and mountain views preferable). The quality time together without distractions will pay off, we promise. 

Thu, January 28th 2016
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