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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

~~Feb. 14 is a good opportunity to show the one you're with how much you care. With that said, it's also a good opportunity to think outside the box and get them something that's really unique to their taste. So whether you're dating an adventure seeker who loves to be outside in the fresh air, a foodie who's happiest in the kitchen, or someone who enjoys dressing up and taking photographs of the inspiring world around them, there's a complete experience — and gifting opportunity — for all of them this Valentine's Day.

Idea 1: Go on a ski adventure

Planning on taking your loved one up to the mountains? Make sure she has everything she needs for the cold-weather season, including waterproof snow boots and a wool sweater.

Don't forget about capturing all the action

Affix a GoPro to her helmet and you're good to go. She'll love being able to replay the weekend with you while you're both sipping hot tea in the ski lodge.And, of course, she'll need goggles

While sunglasses are a great staple for everyday outdoor activity, goggles are what she really needs when hitting the slopes. Make sure she has protective eyewear that traps in heat and keeps her face warm for your adventure.

Idea 2: Take a baking class together

Sign up for a cooking class together and make something special, like a chocolate cake. Then, surprise her with the necessary tools, like a mixer and cooking scale, so you both can re-create the dish at home.

Then be sure to eat up

Make it extra romantic by feeding the finished product to one another.

Idea 3: Make your dinner date extra special

Take her to your favorite neighborhood restaurant and surprise her with a bouquet of freshly cut red roses.Small gift ideas go a long wayIf you want to show up with something in addition to flowers, consider elevating her gadget game with a playful case for her iPhone.Have fun with the flowers, tooWhat good is a dramatic bouquet if you don't indulge in it's extravagance? Yes, they will look beautiful at home in a vase, but be sure to take a photo or two with them while you're at dinner. 

Thu, January 28th 2016
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