Jaclyn Morse’s office isn’t a typical office. When you walk in, the first thing you see is a trio of canvases playfully capturing colorful caricatures of her rescue dogs. One side of the room boasts a collection of sewing machines, shelves overflowing with shiny sequins and quirky patterned knits, and an Ikea couch reupholstered in splashes of bright pink and orange. The other side houses a long worktable, collaged with pictures of family, friends, and fur babies, and piled high with the exciting chaos of ongoing projects. Not an inch of wall space nor flat surface has been left untouched by her crafty hands, no detail left unthought-of. When you walk into her office, you know you’re experiencing something special. This is not the office of an average corner office businesswoman, but the instinctively curated sanctuary of creativity for a passionate designer.

That passion is what has driven Jaclyn throughout her life. Growing up, the Texas native lived and breathed fashion, designing paper shoes and sewing her own outfits for school. A move to Los Angeles and a subsequent degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising lay the groundwork for a real career in the industry. After college, Jaclyn took a job as a stylist for a record label and then, when the label went under, became personal assistant to a music producer. If the classes at FIDM gave her the technical knowledge she needed to start her own line, the ready-for-anything nature of her job as a personal assistant gave her the confidence to take the plunge.

Today Jaclyn’s bold confidence shows through in her designs and is what sets her handbags apart. Her hands-on approach means that each bag is a personal labor of love – she meticulously oversees every step of the process, designing, testing, and perfecting. She strives to keep each design personal, creating them with her closest friends and family in mind and naming them accordingly. Through her company Jaclyn seeks to empower women everywhere and give them the confidence to be unapologetically who they are.